Abundant Mind

  The best educational tool this day and age is having an Abundant Mindset.

First of all, using this tool you can attract wealth, happiness, love and the life. Seems like the physical body is the main focus but is it enough to work on solely on that? Imagine yourself reaching the highest peak mentally and physically. Awareness is the first step to reaching your maximum mental potential.

I discovered ABUNDANT MIND while researching for alternatives for meditation. After the first video, I experienced an epiphany; this was actively boosting my THINKING, MEMORY, MOOD and FOCUS. Brain health is something we all strive for but it is the hardest area to work on. Be ready to be beyond amazed! You will experience numerous changes in awareness while using Abundant Mind.

 Start visualizing with ABUNDANT MIND today!  When you use both the Law of Attraction and our powerful visualization tools you will notice new patterns. These are the building blocks to the newfound consciousness we all seek. Not only does regular meditation condition the mind but it also nourishes the body and soul.  As a result, stress is reduced and the process of brain cell aging is slowed.

Advantages of using the Law of Attraction:

Did you know that by using the Law of Attraction, along with the right tools you can begin too:

  • Magnetize wealth into your life
  • Build stable relationships with like-minded souls
  • Have a healthy mind and body
  • Experience true happiness
  • See limitless abundance
  • Obtain the confidence you need to succeed
  • Attract what you truly want in all aspects of your life

Achieve all of this when you learn how to tackle the power of the Law of Attraction, through “visualization”.

FACT:  83% of humans who try to visualize, “FAIL”, and simply give up.  They return to their restricted lives, deciding it will never/has never worked for them – they eventually give up.

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Think of our videos as a “supercharged vision board”. However, unlike a primitive vision board, these videos integrate four powerful and scientifically proven technologies. It worksAbundant Mindset by breaking down the walls of your conscious mind and start creating REAL, POSITIVE change within. Each Abundant Mind visualization video uses themed, full motion video. Includes a relaxation inducing audio soundtrack, subliminal messages (in the format of affirmations spoken in the third person) as well as a form of brainwave entrainment called “binaural beats”. This is the brain wave that can induce the mental state associated with mediation practice, but more quickly. Binaural beats are the most popular methods to utilize brainwave entertainment.

With every thought you have you change your neural pathways and the output of your brains chemicals.Theses chemicals have great effects on your health and emotional well being. Once your thoughts, emotions and your mindset are tuned to emit only positive “vibrational energy” success is all but guaranteed thanks to the Law of Attraction.  Although it sounds like magic, it has been in use for hundreds, if not thousands of years by the most successful and powerful people in history and it’s scientifically proven to work.


Abundant MindsetIn its most basic form, the law states “like attracts like”. Your thoughts, emotions and intentions, whether they be subconscious or conscious, positive or negative, all release something called “vibrational energy”. The universe sends this same energy back to you, whether it’s positive or negative. This energy attracts situations, opportunities and the conditions in your life that are on the same vibrational wavelength. Most noteworthy is that negative thoughts and emotions attract more of the same, never allowing you to get ahead.

However, you can re-program your subconscious and conscious mind to issue only positive energy. Positive opportunities, circumstances and conditions WILL follow, simply because that is what you are magnetizing. Abundant Mind visualization videos are the tools you need to “train your brain” to start sending and receiving positive energy. This can take years to master.  As your condition your mind with more positivity, your brain patterns will improve,  you will be smarter, happier and healthier from the inside out.


Many low quality “visualization videos” available feature still images, music and text based affirmations. Abundant Mind features the only visualization videos that use a combination of FOUR proven techniques to positively alter your thoughts, emotions and mindset. For those who have a hard time focusing, meditation can be an added struggle which intensifies stress levels. It is scientifically proven that these technologies have developed the same quality brainwave state as meditation by solely listening to sounds.


Forget primitive vision boards, forget sub-standard “videos” that are just moving photos with text and music. The most powerful and effective collection of visualization tools is found right here, PREVIEW NOW

Our library contains over 48 pre-made subconsciousness altering videos. These powerful visualization tools can provide the support you need to change your life!  Use these potent tools to “re-program” your mind to envision the life you deserve to live!

Modification of your subconscious mind is not an instant process. Watch the videos and absorb the content as often as possible to fully realize the benefits. Each full length video in our collection ranges from 20 minutes to 45 minutes duration. They are each themed with different outcomes in mind. We recommend setting aside some quiet relaxation time twice a day to enjoy these videos. The entire collection of videos is accessible online, anytime, anywhere from any device! We recommend a set of headphones and not your computer speakers to attain the best results.


In the past 15 years our brains have been more studied about than in all the history of brain research. It is being understood more profoundly as we begin breaking barriers in regards to brain disorders. Most importantly studies have found many benefits for taking a positive approach and a better outlook on life using this type of technology but valuable in treating the following as well:


  • behavioral disorders
  • dementia
  • depression
  • learning disabilities
  • sleep
  • mental disorders
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • anxiety
  • anger
  • memory
  • pain
  • verbal learning
  • negative thought
  • intelligence
  • headache, migraines included
  • creativity
  • attention deficit
  • Alzheimer’s

If you have ever experienced any of the above, the next step is picking out your favorite videos from ABUNDANT MIND that you feel will balance the mental state you are in. How can we train our brain to entertain the sounds we can’t hear? Binaural beats is key! When two tones are different in frequency are processed by the brain, it registers a beat at the difference of each frequency therefore creating a brain balance.



Finally, if you have failed to use the Law of Attraction in the past, this is your second chance! Once Abundant Mind visualization videos start to make real, lasting changes to your subconscious and conscious mind, success will follow. Be prepared to attract more money, a better job, greater happiness  and a life of abundance all thanks to Abundant Mind and the Law of Attraction. All you have to do is put in some earbuds, tune in, relax and let your Abundant Mind take over.